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Release the Beast 


Exhibition brief:

From the day of our birth we are assigned a gender, and so, defined and delineated by society. The way we look, our dress, the language we use, the way we interact, the way we move through physical space is all governed by this designation. To challenge the rules governing this binary can be met with ignorance, resistance, or even hostility. The truth, however, is very few exist as the ideal man or woman.

Release the Beast will be an exhibition that will challenge concepts of cis-normative gender, identity, femininity, masculinity, and how we relate these to our sense of self. It will explore the rapidly changing landscape of gender roles (and gender itself) as set by society and patriarchal norms.

Release the Beast will be unapologetically irreverent and candid, embracing the unfiltered core of our being in a practice of self-love. We will no longer follow expectations of others, but be true to ourselves, finding strength in the collective challenging of established ideas. Through expression we may take ownership and take power. Like the wild beasts of nature, we will be fearless and true. (Release the Beast).


Applications now being accepted: All applications must respond to the above exhibition brief.

Application deadline: Midnight, Sunday 18 February 2018.

Mediums accepted: All artworks responding to the brief will be considered for this exhibition. If you have any queries regarding the gallery layout or ability to accommodate your proposal/artwork please contact the gallery.  

Exhibition fee: $40 per artwork (no wider than 1m) entered. Works measuring wider than 1m may incur a higher fee. Please contact gallery manager for details.

Exhibition dates and opening event: 16 – 28 March 2018. Opening event Friday 16 March, 6 – 9pm.

Commission: Brunswick Street Gallery receieves 25% commission on each artwork sale


To apply: 

Applications should consist of images of the works to be submitted, or images indicative of work, as well as an artist statement responding to teh brief. Applications to be sent to Kathleen via email at


For any queries please email or call the gallery on: or call us on 03 8596 0173.