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Archive > A Mid Page Battle, Dan Demant

Cutting from dusty, aging magazines, I search for forgotten faces, figures and forms. A bored, gazing criminal, the deconstructed head of Nikita Krushchev, a Sovereign High Commander of the Freemasons, dismembered and elongated.

I manipulate layers of colour, shape and shadow, rearranging them across the blank page. Sections of eyes, ears, legs and bodies are rotated, separated, reconnected, subtracted, replaced then replaced again. An arm becomes a neck then a face becomes an elbow. Sometimes the cuts are vicious, sometimes they are gentle. There is always a glimpse of their owner’s former identities.

I continue this battle, until I find a naturally unnatural balance between the cut images and the stark, blank page.

19th August - 1st September 2016