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Memory is a strange place. Alice Fennessy’s work explores the uncertainty of memories; the ways in which dreams, reflections and experiences collide and conflate when recalling moments in time. Collected objects can trigger such recollections. Alice is a compulsive collector dedicated to the act of tying a moment to a tangible object. She collects items and images throughout her day to day life and has done so since childhood, inspired by the power that objects possess to transport us to the strange place of memories.

Through explorations in drawing and painting, Alice compresses multiple images on to a single work, often on a fragile surface of throwaway paper, aiming to capture a sense of the disorientation and frailty of memory. This body of work is accompanied by a zine of poems and illustrations that expand upon the themes of personal experience and recollection that inspire her to create.

​Exhibition runs from 6pm, 18 March - 3pm, 31 March 2016