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4-17 July 2014

Through the use of geometry, colour and font, ACCIDENTAL BRILLIANCE is an examination of everyday artistic fluidity in harmony with vibrancy and contrasting shapes and lines. We are saturated with attention demanding visuals on a daily basis, each one calling for our devoted focus; so much so, that we have developed an ability to simply 'tune out' to the density of voices vying for our visual attention. ACCIDENTAL BRILLIANCE draws our attention back to the subtle brilliance that can be found just by simply looking at ordinary images with a different perspective and a little imagination. Using existing fonts found in urban surroundings, the artwork is complimented by the simplification of the surrounding geometry and colours to create a harmonious linkage between rigid hard lines, shapes, bursts of colour, and the raw unedited motion of font. The final product is an eerie homage to the exact same demanding visuals that drew our attention away from these flashes of ACCIDENTAL BRILLIANCE