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Exhibition runs from 16th October to 3pm, 29 Oct 2015.

My work is all about creating a strong visual experience using the letter shapes and the meanings of words. The 26 letters of the English language are the constant motifs with which I have worked for over 20 years.
Always grounded on my calligraphic skills, I meld the flow of letters into abstract scenes, capturing the heart of the words. Moving from the traditional to contemporary, from legible to marks, even within a single piece.. .inviting the viewer to look into the piece, to see further. It has become more than words, it is an object of contemplation.
I was a tracer/draftswoman working with various engineering firms BC (before computers).With computer drafting, there was no hands-on, no inky fingers, nothing tactile. It was at this time I joined the CSV; Victorian Calligraphy Society, and have spent the last 20yrs loving letters. Starting with very traditional lettering, I then moved to free-form, more abstract, layered work.
A workshop I undertook in Venice reinvigorated my love for ink, pen and brush. These ‘ink works’ allow the materials of ink, pen and brush to have centre stage. Lettering, manipulated to suggest other than just the words.
The smell of the ink, the sound of the pen as it dances across the white paper. These same three; ink, pen and brush, have in various forms, written our history, and poses these questions; Is hand-writing relevant today or is it now an art-form? Has graffiti evolved from the physical need of expressive writing? Has the computer killed the physical joy of writing?