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Opening Event, 3 April, 6pm-9pm

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 3 April - 3pm, 16 April 2015

I enjoy improbable combinations, clashing colours, patterns and imagery combined together. I love the strength of black and white patterns and the power of the negative space created.
I appropriate images from and about nature and art history in my work. My recent work deals with issues concerning the natural world. The natural world is magical and sublime to contemplate, and maintaining a connection with nature nourishes us on a deep and soulful level. Although we mostly live indoors and city-bound we collect images of nature in our homes, perhaps china ornaments of deer or birds. Ornaments are interesting for their nostalgic associations, and also because of the democratic nature of art objects which are mass produced. Popular, cheap ornaments of animals and other depictions of nature are a way of bringing elements of the outside world into the interior environment. It is a way of connecting with the natural world. The notion of an ornament, a thing used to make something look more attractive but usually having no practical purpose, resonates with aspects of life in 2015.
Mountains represent a longed for natural paradise where we can rediscover our vital connection with the natural world.