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My current practice involves the assembling of images collected from our past to explore ideas of time. I am looking to expose the limitations of our human understanding of time in the present by disrupting our linear perspective of time, and investigating this illusion which wholly informs our reality.

Stemming from my female perspective, I am drawn to historical photographs which are not only of women, but also serve to highlight the dominance of the male viewpoint. By showing anonymous figures who once existed in flesh and blood as we do now, and whose only trace remains in these images, I aim to create a connection through time, exposing the precariousness of our current moment.

We live in an assumption that new is better, even though real progress necessitates examining the past. Our compulsion to only look forward is what enables our throwaway culture. We ignore the trail of waste that we leave behind us, that will remain long after we are gone, and will inevitably cause our obliteration.

Exhibitions run from 6pm, 10 June - 3pm, 23 June 2016.