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Archive > Aural Landscapes, a group exhibition exploring land, digital and soundscapes

Opening 5 September from 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 5 September 2014 - 3pm 18 September 2014

Friday 12 September, sound performance event (more details to come) featuring Michael O'Dwyer, Michael Noccentini, Glen Clancey and more.

Considerations of landscape most often refer to visual perceptions. The palate of noise that accompanies any given moment and place is of course inseparable to the experience of landscape. Soundwaves create a visual field that exists as a landscape. Curated by Miriam Arbus, Aural Landscapes approaches landscape depiction as integrative and encompassing of both the scape of vision, and the scape of sound. Aural Landscapes understands this connection, and also reflects on the relationship between the visual sound-wave, and it's landscape-esque shape. Encompassing considerations of new digital (land)scapes, the artists in Aural Landscapes also acknowledge sound art, glitch art, projection fields, video art, cyber-culture, sound ecology and traditional landscape depiction.

Aural Landscapes is a group exhibition containing interpretations and investigations of contemporary landscape depiction and how we can understand and forge a link between what we hear and how that corresponds to the landscapes that we see.

Melissa Peacock,
Mark Kromodimeoljo,
Becky Richards,
Brett Jackson,
Rachel Bavich,
Kelly Sullivan,
Michael O'Dwyer,
Nigel Tan,
Annie Edney,
Ash Coates,
Russell Curr,
Dagmara Gieysztor collaborating with sound artist Myke Vescio,
Bruno Pasqualini,
Jillian Price and Edward Farrar,
Gauri Torgalkar,
Ree Hegh,
Darin Frankpitt