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Exhibition runs from 6pm 7 August – 3pm 20 August 2015.

From Athens to Indonesia is an exhibition of selected paintings from three different series. They portray situations in two different countries over a period of four years. “Molon lave (come and take)’ and ‘Athina ascending’ explore the devastating economic crisis from an Athenian view point whilst ‘orang-orang menganyam (the wicker people)’ evolves from experiences in Indonesia at the time of the execution of six people. Greed and a selfish desire for power by individuals and groups runs deep through these two issues yet in contrast to the thinly veiled brutality of the ideologies of modern democracy (neo-liberalism), capitalism and consumerism the beauty of the human spirit tends to shine through in such adversity. In 2011 in Athens, there was a collective realisation of the severity of the crisis taking hold and strikes and protests were commonplace. By 2014 there was a perceived glimmer of hope and despite the absolute futility of such an event in Indonesia (2015) they all serve as a reminder of the intertwined connectivity that we all share as a species. These paintings grapple with the conflict between the capacity for humanity to be self-destructive and conversely to be as one harmoniously.