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Archive > Ben Scot McGill, (pop) Perceptions of Plastic

Exhibitions, 23 January -5 February 2015

an excerpt from an interview:

But isn’t this break down of form of man into woman into man, man into woman sex in its most erotic form? Her vagina lips against his leg break open his leg at the touch of her lips on his cheek his eyes closed in ecstasy as she becomes the form of the sensation on his body two mouths two hands on his chest his hand on her clitoris as her hand is on his cock becoming the clitoris in his hand she is him the melting bodies in sensation his perception is her body transforming the imagined boundaries of man and woman. The pornographic image is exclusionary and particular until it is distorted by sensation the sensation of the other in one’s own body
– the other is felt internally and that sensation is located externally turning each other inside out. One can show the mechanics of reproduction but for there to be Eros one can either show nothing or the object’s degradation, liquefaction, melting, the symbolism not of a gun shooting its victim and ending desire but of a gun dissembling absorbed melting wetting the bed where the body melts out into the heat of the liquid and the shame that one could not control oneself and having overcome in anorgasmia the liquefaction of the bed into an object of desire this very shame.
- The art of sharing shame.
- Yes. Art may open up disturbing as an orgiastic organism not an object that promises to end all desire but that which will stimulate, excite and enervate the senses. Where the skin becomes an eye the body a tear.