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Exhibition runs from 16th October to 3pm, 29 Oct 2015.

Finding an intriguing piece of tin, bringing it home to be scrubbed clean and put out to dry, is just the beginning of tin’s journey. The surface starts to show its true inner character as the years of imbedded dirt slips away and tin becomes exposed. I sit back transfixed by the age it has taken to create such intense colours of velvety browns, vivid oranges and textured chestnuts smearing across the silver and grey.

Even though each piece of work begins with a concept in mind, the tin will push a kind of parallel personality within. Then I struggle for a while, trying to pull tin and chosen pieces for a concept back into harmony. Time passes, sometimes days fall into weeks with a work that has slipped into art frustration. Tin firmly resists and gut feeling is screaming at me.
“STOP! Look! I want you to just stare for a while.”
So I sit, stare and there it is.
The path to take...