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Brunswick St Gallery presents Body Bits, an exhibition featuring the drawings of Eloise Harper and Madeleine Joy. The works on view explore the artists differing perspectives and relationships to the human body, both in the technical and conceptual approaches taken.

  Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT, Harper focuses her practice on the exploration of the larger female form. Using expressive strokes of charcoal and conte, attention is drawn to accentuating the shapes and curves that are emphasized from contorting the figure into awkward positions.  Taking influence from Manet’s Olympia and Jean Auguste’s La Grand Odalisque, Harper uses her own position as a contemporary female artist to re-appropriate this historically male gaze into a celebration of modern female beauty. 

  Also completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with RMIT, Madeleine Joy endeavours to explore the parameters that surround gender identity within her graphite drawings. Joining an existing dialogue that is increasingly prevalent, Joy aims to raise questions about gender and stereotyping, body politics, gender construction and the irrevocable shift in the fluidity of these ideas. The works presented approach these subjects by deconstructing common binaries, through the fragmentation and then recreation of various forms. Joy’s perspective is that of a cis female, challenging how the private is documented in a political space.

January 27 - February 9 2017.