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Nonie Bettoni and Caelene D’Arcy began curating exhibitions together in May 2016. They have named their business Exhibiting Artists Melbourne to capture the essence of practicing artists producing bodies of work which continually deserve to be presented to the public for sale and appreciation.

After curating group shows with a number of artists in non gallery public spaces, they came to believe the quality of works shown deserved to be presented in Melbourne galleries. In 2017, Nonie and Caelene aim to present themed group shows in select locations, with a broad range of talented and diverse artistic styles.

For this exhibition Botany: Urban Forests the following statement and questions were presented to the artistic community for comment:

This exhibition asks for artistic comment on Melbourne's efforts to retain a gardener’s beauty, in a growing city. Can we bring the forest back to our everyday lives, and can we bring the connection to nature back to our roots? What is the percentage of garden left over by redevelopment and how valid is a rooftop garden to bare earth? How much green space should accessible to the public, or kept private? How much garden is each person entitled to; and does this allow for our individual environmental impacts? If you take away the opportunity to be a gardener, does this disconnect us from nature?

The response shows a very positive and true connection to our city’s gardens. Works from over 6 Australian artists have presented a vision of hope, and an appreciation of beauty, in our natural world – whether we need to look up to the sky to find this connection, or to look closely, or sometimes just to look toward our bay.

Please enjoy the stunning works, and let them remind you that we can retain a natural beauty, and a core connection to our earthly roots – no matter where we stand.

January 27 - February 9 2017.