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Exhibition from 6-19 February 2015

Chris Hazell
Out of My Head

My name is Chris Hazell and I’ve been a practicing artist for the last 20 years or so. I’m an eclectic and slightly chaotic person so my artwork certainly reflects that, stylistically as well as with my choice of subject matter. Stylistically my work ranges from Photorealism to what I guess you would call Lowbrow, Newbrow or Popsurrealism? (I’m not sure what you kids are calling it these days!). My Photorealism work tends to satisfy my need for a more technical challenge (especially working with those tricky reflective surfaces!), whereas my “Lowbrow” or “Popsurrealism” work allows me to be more playful.

My most recent works combine colourful, mixed media abstraction with quirky, often humorous composite figures. As far as subject matter is concerned, that ranges from political observations and criticisms, to personal challenges, autobiographical commentary and even fairytales and Greek Mythology. Most of my works tend to have some sort of narrative.

For me, making art is a joyous compulsion. I live it and breathe it and it permeates every part of my life. As I put this portfolio together I’ve realized my paintings can be read like diary entries. A visual diary of all my thoughts and the events and circumstances of my life. As I evolve emotionally and psychologically, my paintings evolve with me.

Who knows where it will lead, but what a journey!