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Archive > Dissonance: Angus Bell, Alan Jones, and Dominique Pozvek

Exhibition from 6-19 February 2015


curated by Eliza Bell
with: Angus Bell, Alan Jones, and Dominique Pozvek

Dissonance; most notably described as a harsh, disagreeable combination of sounds is more often than not deemed as a kind of conflict best to be avoided. Naturally however this collection of discourse is an essential state of affairs found in the everyday. As we pay attention to the distortion produced from the elements of moral corruption and turmoil do we visually find a harmonious balance within this conflict of nature.

This use of disharmonious state of mind is the next step in methods of learning to function with the discord of our emotions, leading us to find harmony within ourselves. To pursue the rationalisation of what is irrational, to accept or to somehow make sense of things we experience impulsive modes of thinking through self created optical illusions and there by affect how we see the objective reality.

This show looks at the distortion of human emotion, through the apparent conflict and the lack of thought that this originates from. Using an array of techniques, Angus, Alan and Dominique have created a unique form of engagement, forcing the viewer to look more closely and discover their own underlying meaning and form of connectivity in an introspective world.