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Exhibition from 3 - 16 October 2014

Townsville artist, Donna Beningfield, explores a contemporary view of brides. In different cultural contexts, the bride takes the form of objects as varied as the Eiffel tower, a fairground ride or even a 2D anime character.

In the 12th century, a bride was defined as being “A newly married woman or a woman about to be married.”

However, in the past 20 years, our accepted notion of what constitutes a newly married woman has evolved. With an evolution in conceptions of gender, and the acceptance and legalisation of non-heterosexual unions, the definition of 'Bride' is no longer straightforward.

Despite there being a widening definition of what may constitute a bride or her partner, all exhibited examples have one thing in common – most were witnessed by a priest or wedding celebrant and nearly all were attended or viewed by a substantial number of people.

Due to the huge advances in digital media via blogs, twitter, Facebook, emails and the like, online weddings attract worldwide attention through social networks, which allows for ever increasing community involvement in such phenomena. The speed and accessibility of this type of communication were evident when one could view the entire wedding day of the young man who married his ‘dakimakura’ (body pillow) via the Korean local media and You Tube. What might have been seen as bizarre or insane behaviour fifty years ago is today just another story making headlines or on-line news.

This work is an attempt to explore cultural change through a variety of media to depict what personifies notions of the contemporary bride.