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Exhibition runs from 6pm, 17 April - 3pm, 30 April 2015

Donna McMaster ~ The Ignored and the Loved ~

When looking at this series of works you will see everyone looking at, and almost worshipping, the rose. In the pictures of the Australian native plants and animals, almost everyone is preoccupied with their own thing, and not paying attention to the plants and animals true to this country.

THE IGNORED AND THE LOVED is an exhibition of photography and collage merged together digitally. This series aims to capture the two souls of Australia; the true soul, comprising of native plants and animals, and the new soul; exotic plants and animals. The rose symbolises the exotic and introduced. It is shown as the place where our love and attention is directed, encouraging the audience to question their own connections with country and soul. The exhibition illustrates that we are all from different backgrounds, with different interests. By default this means that many of us ignore the amazing native species of this country. These species have the ability to connect us all to this country’s past, and can bring us together into the future. The natural environment should be an essential and integral part of our Australian existence and culture.
Lets not ignore, for the ignored will soon disappear.
All but one photo was taken in southwest Victoria. Many of these plants and animals were once common where Melbourne now stands.