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Listening to the Earth Mother, Her ancient voice of wisdom.
Feeling Her heartbeat.
Joining Her eternal dance.
Experiencing Her healing energies and flowing with them.
They appear in many ways and forms, interconnected with the energies of the elements, the eternal web of Grandmother Spider.
Following the path of the Snake Mothers, initiated in the mysteries of Mother Earth, they know the secrets of transformation and renewal.
Embracing Her always changing sister, the Moon Mother, the Earth Mother reveals Her unique magic in millions of ways. She sends energies which heal, transform and enlighten.
The Earth shows the way for a life in harmony and balance with Mother Earth and Nature.
Love and respect the Earth Mother and her unique magic will appear enriching your life.

Each painting of this exhibition represents a unique, magical moment, a part of the eternal dance of the Earth Mother. As I feel the energies in a particular moment and place, they start circulating inside myself und finally manifest them as a painting. Every artwork is also a meditation and celebration of the Earth Mother. For my paintings, I use only self-made natural colours.

July 8 - July 21 2016