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My paintings are like a conversation between me and the canvas, really. I start off not knowing what to say before poking the canvas awake to get it involved in the conversation. Enlivened, I start telling the canvas what to do before it quickly ignores me and walks off in a huff. Promising to listen to its side of the story I entice the canvas back. We talk for hours before we have an argument that we both think we have won. Returning to the conversation the next day, I inevitably discover that I was completely in the wrong and the canvas has made some strong points. We battle like this for a few days until a fistfight erupts after some heavy duty name-calling. Nursing our black eyes and split lips, we take a moment to realise that our fisticuffs have produced a moment of beauty that we can both enjoy. We give each other a cuddle and say “we very much love each other, can you forgive me?” walking off arm in arm.

Well, that's what it seems like anyway.

Brendan is a native of Tuakau, New Zealand. He studied painting at the Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. Brendan has been exhibiting in Melbourne for the last hundred years.

July 22 - August 4