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The greatest mass movement of people since World War Two.

War in the Middle East is a humanitarian crisis beyond imagining. I’ve been trying to conceive what this must be like for those seeking asylum. Images in the media concentrate mostly on the mass nature of the movement rather than the individual.

My exhibition reflects on this mass migration, from bombed cities to a journey of hope. I depict the anonymity of being an asylum seeker in these circumstances. The repeating prints indicating one person is represented much like another. The changing colours from red and grey moving to green yellow and white indicate a movement towards a land of plenty. The tribal prints and paper pastings represent travellers from African and Middle Eastern backgrounds. The final paintings are lighter and freer and more hopeful as they arrive in relative safety.

By reflecting on these themes, I hope to extend compassion and understanding to these individuals, each with identities, talents, families, loves and promising futures.

They emerge at the end of their journey changed and remarkable individuals, full of promise and light.

Exhibitions run from 6pm, 10 June - 3pm, 23 June 2016.