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Fallowland is a body of work by Melbourne Artist Amy Wright, framing the premise that for sustained growth there must be a period of laying fallow, a time where human management is removed and the landscape is allowed to be reclaimed by the natural environment to recover it’s nutrient rich makeup. These fallow landscapes often appear barren or untamed, with the occupancy of plant life deemed as weed and waste, and yet resurgence beneath the surface is is structured and prolific.

Wright draws creative direction from unoccupied spaces, to present a series of explorative abstract landscapes, in which she interprets the strata of the landscape into a fluid mapping of colour, texture and contour. Reflected in the works is a gentle rhythm that pushes the landscape to a precipice; a space between empty and full, where the viewer looks upon a quiet and personal reverie.

Exhibitions run from 6pm, 10 June - 3pm, 23 June 2016.