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Exhibition from 6-19 February 2015

Felicity Burke

Felicity Burke is a Melbourne based artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
Her work explores the concept of memory and collection, and incorporates ideas of patience, control and balance.

The notion of collection is developed through her research of the aesthetics and processes of various art forms in different cultures, including; Aboriginal art, Middle Eastern architecture and mosaics, tapestries, mandalas, European rosary windows, ethnic and tribal textiles, and traditional Mexican and South American folk art.

The vibrant colours and patterns in Felicity’s work are evocative of memory and place, however the concept of her work is also largely process driven. The controlled and time-consuming nature of her practice evolved from a fascination with balance and harmony in a visual and cathartic sense.

Her process starts from the centre of the canvas, and the image grows outward, while being measured from, and anchored by the central point. This command of control is apparent in the repetition, detail, proportion and organization of colours, shapes and lines in the work and is important in creating depth and movement throughout the image. While her process is structured, the representation of imagery and pattern allows for a meditative experience when viewing the work.

Her drawings are an extension of these ideas but are developed in a more playful sense. The lines are less controlled and the measurements are all inexact, thus inviting the viewer to discover imperfections while still experiencing a notion of balance and symmetry. This is also seen in her print works, where she selects aspects of her detailed paintings and tessellates them to create vibrant patterns.