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Opening event, 22 August 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 22 August - 3pm, 4 September 2014

Franca Briatore is a Ligurian painter and potter, appreciated in Northern Italy. She currently works in Albissola, a well known artistic centre for the study and the experimentation of ceramic art. Her artistic research focuses on the creation of both paintings and ceramics (tondoes, panels and sculptures in the round). The artworks display her high technical ability that is the result of a deep material study, accompanied by a thorough knowledge of the use and application of the materials depending on the expression that the artist wants to convey to the spectator. Franca Briatore's work expresses a persuasive, an effective and an appealing communication thanks to the stylistic items that characterise her artistic production. The oil or acrylic pigments, the oxides, the slips and glazes create bright surfaces and particular colour-contrasting effects. The strokes have vertical and horizontal linear trends or swirly and curved shapes, they could be thin as well as thick. The acme of the expressiveness is achieved in the ceramics; the handmade and coloured clay shows the signs of slight or more vigorous handling and the works seem to emanate from the material a dynamic force and an outward pressure. Her artistic expression is focused on the careful processing of the works and on the search for an immediate meaning which is often enclosed in the keywords that emerge from the pigmented surfaces. In fact, her stylistic leitmotiv is the use of writings in several languages inserted with the collage technique or by manual transcription reproducing the printed lettering. Tiles, texts, letters, words, phrases, sentences, and images emerge and excel on the painting or ceramic surfaces among coloured brush strokes and pictorial signs: they are taken from press cuttings, newspapers, magazines, graphic and printed materials, billboards. These items are a sources of reflection for the artist and the spectator, they are the object and the subject of every artwork and they key to reading and understanding her art.