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Sophi Suttor's work examines the loss of habitat and its replacement by the generic she is looking at specimens through the filter of the work of Rohan Ellis. Producing fragments of the generic as a demonstration of how easily we lose the detail and cultural stamp of our personal landscape.

Works are childlike and toy like to highlight how easily we are seduced by pretty things. Using lots of generic flowers and toy like items to highlight how readily we accept the generic. This acceptance erodes national identity and leads to devaluation of all things native to Australia this process is aided and abetted by globalisation. Suttor is a classically trained artist from the National Art School East Sydney.

The plates are new Simple and beautiful. White earthenware with rolled texture and commercial glazes. Made on a hump mould. No flat base as a reference to plates being dynamic. They are rocker plates. Placed on a trivet they become hover plates.

They are serving plates, food safe, and dishwasher safe.

November 11-24, 2016.