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Exhibition runs from 6pm, 18 September - 3pm, 1 October 2015

Deep inside the recesses of the mind, folds of the skin, caves of the body and soul, this is where Georgia Matthey explores. Identifiable, unidentifiable, forms and shapes evolve and change, the observer is asked to engage with the work, is taken deep inside, they will inevitably ask, 'what does this mean?', well, what does it mean to you? The conscious point of creation starts with gesture, intention or emotion rather than an image. Hands, fingers, body, Georgia will use whatever is close by to create each work, often starting with pure abandon and vigor, then going back with calm detail. Participatory experience is key to Georgia’s art practice. How you engage with each artwork is crucial. Georgia states “relating to an image or sculpture creates connection and emotion.” This type of engagement (reflection, self-awareness and growth) combined with Georgia’s balance of colour, texture and shape provide a very unique experience and insight – not only for ourselves as viewers, but also for Georgia’s own understanding.
Noticing a reoccurring theme of caves, the artist decided to explore this through image and metaphor. This has lead to Spelunk. Taking a look inside, resting in the darkness but also in the light from within. Searching deep crevices, illuminating dark corners and exposing hidden desires.
Georgia Matthey is an emerging Melbourne based artist, in addition to painting, Georgia also incorporates photography, sculpture and installation into her practice. After studying visual arts, she graduated in 2012 from Swinburne University. Georgia plans to go back and do further study in the arts in 2015. Over the past 3 years Georgia has had a number of solo exhibitions including

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