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My art is all about the feeling and emotion it evokes in the observer. Since studying a diploma of interior design and decoration at Swinburne University, I have been highly influenced by colour psychology and the direct effects it has on peoples emotions. By combining the fluidity of resin, audacious colours and intricate line-work, I am able to construct and manipulate a designed sensation.

Heartstrings invites the viewer to take a step back and reflect on their life and why they are the person that stands before us today. We so often race through the present and are constantly planning and looking to the future that we forget to acknowledge what we have accomplished and been through to get there in the first place.

Life has many memories and milestones that are collected over time. Majority of them are heartening, others are obnoxious and some we forget all together; sometimes by choice. By allowing ourselves to momentarily submerge ourselves into our past thoughts, we can take strength, guidance and inspiration to overcome new obstacles that are presented before us.

24 February - 9 March 2017.