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Exhibition runs from 6pm 10 July – 3pm 23 July 2015.

Hands is an exhibition conceived of from an interest with the power of the art object to act as a powerful conduit for personalised reception. This is to say, to treat an art object as pure form is to ignore its potential for it to induce a possible moral introspection. The decision to treat the art object as mere form is, as pointed to by French professor and philosopher Jacinto Lageria, a decision already made on behalf of the viewer.
What Hands seeks to ignite is the recognition of the visitors of this exhibition that their exchange with the artwork has the potential for profound ethical impact and that the form of the work you witness is more than pure objecthood.
The exhibitor's of Hands have sensitively responded to the theme of the exhibition and produced work that speaks to positive and negative space paradigms. Speaking of the occupied space as a distraction for the transitory space-time paradigm of the negative space, the exhibiting artist's are traversing the metaphysical realm of what it means to evoke.
Brunswick Street Gallery invites you to experience what the artist's have presented beyond its material form and consider the artwork syntactically, as that which communicates to you and thus with which you share a connection.

Rebecca Loos
Petra Nicel
Nicole Margaux
Heather Leatham
Maria Vesterinen (
Alya Khan
Alisha Abate
Liz Payne
Rahima Jackson (
Amanda Chaharbakhsh-Elya
Che Ritz (
Genevre Becker (
Stacey Raymond
Julie Slade
Callan Skimin
April JY Kim
Cadia Belante (
Elizabeth Nolan
Thea Janetski
Freya Alexander
Alison Kennedy
Matt Hill (
Carol Swain (
Kate Belvedere (
Milla Mikalsen (
Wendy Chan
Belinda Kennedy
James Mccullough