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Exhibition from 23 January - 5 February 2015

My paintings lack clarity, preferring to exhibit moods and streams of the subconscious rather then creating a narrative through images. My painting practice engages in a process of ‘no ends and no beginnings’, in a similar way to automatic drawing and painting. Building up layers of mixed media, I create works with thick textures that exploit mark making. The works are not about definition, but invite the viewer to the opening of possibilities as a psychological narrative that constantly evolves. My work is not limited to objective subject matters when creating, but concentrates on the feeling and impact derived from moods. This affords me the liberty to reveal the inner, spiritual and emotional connections, as opposed to external appearances.

The use of black throughout my paintings represents conflicting concepts. For one, black is used to escape and get lost in the emptiness, to focus solely on the art and remove all references from the external world. While on the other hand, black is used to scream, to be louder then imagery, and it is every thought process and emotional strain. Each painting represents my soul in the moments it was crafted in, and is the creation of self-sufficient perceptual works. Through removing imagery and colour-relationships, my work focuses merely on expressing emotions and thought processes.