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‘Heimat’ is a German word that is often translated simply as ‘home’ or ‘homeland’; and yet this does not describe the full breadth of meaning of this expression. Be it a geographical place, a social group or even a mental state, Home is where One is most at rest, comfortable to be Oneself and safe. This series of skate decks explores the concept of ‘Belonging’ and delves into how one identifies the attributes that produce a sense of Home.

Created during a period when the artist was between houses himself, uprooted from the ground and drifting from one bivouac to another. The works represent this journey and asks the viewer to consider what it means to be “homeless”. Where we live tends to be the fulcrum of the experiences that we encounter which shape the direction our lives take. Considering this grants significant power to shape the life you want to live. It also suggests how fragile and susceptible we are as a result.

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 30th September - 3pm, 13th October 2016.