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If we wake up in the same position that we fell asleep, what does it mean about our dreams. The almost-known places our minds go, the lands our legs traverse, the hearts we open and then close. Our beings have been so far, yet we do not move place, instead trembling and twitching as changes surpass.

Movement is constant and even in our most still states. Breathing persists as does water flow. Flux is a constant.

There is a connection in feeling when we move through water or breathe deeply, or spend time lost in a day dream. Sunlight, moonlight, no light: all create implausable emotional reaction.

With a focus on calm states and the notion of being in flux, this exhibition involves work that allows for meditation and melancholy, a patient and experiential based collection.

We encourage you to linger in the sensations of each work.

A group show featuring the work of: Iain Griffin, Mat Hughes, Jessica Harris, Jesse Rhys, Ira Abdul Rahman, Gillian Turner, Wesley Dowling, Will Baeur, Wendy Grace, Ellen Maiorano, Madeline Bowser, Madeleine Keinonen, Rachel Bavich, Clair Bremner, Peter Annand, Alisha Lyon, Courtney Border, Marion Joy Moise, Nigel Tan, Damien Orriss and Beka Hannah.

Image, Courtney Border

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 18 March - 3pm, 31 March 2016