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Exhibition runs from 6pm, 6 March – 3pm 19 March

Jo Murphy ~ Illustrations

Illustrations is a collection of recent works inspired by the personalities and scenarios I encounter in day to day life. I find beauty and intrigue in simplicity. These pieces are lighthearted observations of the ordinary things that fascinate me and make me smile. They are playful, but rather than treating the concept of play as a solely juvenile or immature act, they explore the farcical elements of my life with varying degrees of subtlety.

I live and work in Melbourne's inner north. I have freelanced (loosely) in illustration since graduating with a BA (Visual Communication) in 2011. I'm currently working in graphic design.

I would describe my work practice as deliberate, understated and precise. While my pieces are generally quite considered, the medium of pen and ink will always lend itself to a degree of unpredictability. I am almost certain that my style of rendering was borne out of necessity to 'cleverly' cover mistakes and flaws. I spend the majority of my time working digitally, and while often practical and necessary, it does not offer the same level of freedom or exploration. For me, drawing on paper is simply a more personal and satisfying means of expression.