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Exhibition from 3-16 October 2014

Darkness That Opened My Eyes This is my life dealing with depression and had been dealing with this sadness as long as I can remember. I felt like I was trapped trapped inside my own mind I was locked away from my true self.
Always hiding from the world. Eventually my world crashed around me, I had a breakdown. I felt Like a Shadow was following me tormenting me. I was my worst enemy, I have a choice will I let this sadness consuming me, or will I fight, or lose myself completely. I had to have the courage to go through the darkness of my mind so I could see light at the end of the tunnel. So I decided to push myself to paint what I feel, I found it so hard to put these feelings on the canvas.

With every stroke of the paint brush I was going through my emotions inside. Each new painting was a new journey I had to take. I felt like bits of my soul was coming out on to canvas for the world to see. I started to see my true self and my passion for self-awareness of mental illness through my paintings.
I felt like this is who I am, this is my path. I know I may never get fully well my hole life. Through this endless darkness I find hope.