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Exhibition runs from 6pm, 17 April - 3pm, 30 April 2015

Jordan Chang (Malaysia) ~Dialogue with Ink~

“Dialogue With Ink” represents Jordan’s current development and thoughts towards Chinese painting and modern art movement. He is eager to showcase the accumulated knowledge in Chinese painting that he has experienced, while opening his audiences’ minds to a much greater possibility with ancient techniques.

His paintings will be showcasing various landscapes and scenery, a subject central to Chinese painting. However, he will also feature some contemporary art expressing modern philosophies while staying true to the roots of traditional Chinese painting. In this exhibition, you will see techniques such as textural strokes, moulding strokes, modeling strokes, shading strokes, and wrinkles. You will also see traditional strokes becoming large blocks of ink, forming energetic and recognizable physical elements. Moreover, paintings with vibrant colors such as blue and red pigments are used to create a richly decorative style. He uses varying degrees of intensity of ink and brush strokes to express his conception of nature, and his own emotions. Jordan emphasizes that a painting should have three virtues, namely brilliance, greatness and unevenness.