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ExhibitionExhibition runs from 6pm 16th October – 3pm 29th October 2015.

Kindred is the means of playfully philosophizing in the inseparable unity of nature & mind. The dynamic narratives and symbolic connections are the means of which our minds pattern themselves in constant flux. Exploring the garden of the mind, there we experience a myriad of patterns and symbols in endless motion. With fascination for the diverse myriad of experiences in which life lives itself, there I bask in the multiplicity of fauna and flora that interweave our identity. There we see that ‘self’ only exists in relation to other. Interplaying fine details and simple space, there the visual language of Kindred resonates.

Kate Gorrie is a visual artist from Melbourne, Australia and graduated her Bachelor of Fine Art in 2014 at RMIT University.

Unity of nature and mind is the foundation on which Kate Gorrie explores her artistic territory. Nature would be not what it is without mind, likewise as mind without nature. There is an intrinsic connection between the mind and its environment: a bond of spiritual physicality or rather physical spirituality. Kate seeks to explore the patterns of the way we interpret existence, as she questions perception, consciousness and representation in life’s patterns. There is a playful psychological dance within her artistic process that awaits no final destination.