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Archive > lendtheend: Rufus Thomas-Webb: Transparency 

The works comprise a three part series showcased in the one space : The Transparent, The Element of Human Connection, and The Choice.

The Transparent is an 8 deck skateboard work that goes by a different title.

The Elements of Human Connection is five skateboard works that seek to capture the gentle ways in which humans show appreciation for one another.

The Choice, is three A4 canvass works that showcase some of my sarcastic tendencies towards the choices people have in life.

Transparency is a collection of works with a theme of human connection and the different ways in which we go about making them. Transparency is something I believe we as individuals all struggle with. We hide parts of ourselves we fear others will reject for many different reasons. We put up barriers of silence and time, whilst inadvertently screaming to be understood. It's the little things that make us unique, but our similarities that bind us as human beings. We present ourselves to the world in ways that try to show our true colours, whether that's wearing a burka or male clothing. It makes it easier for us to show who we are and what we identify with on personal level than having to say it. Body language says more than words ever will because of the beauty of silence and the subtlety of gesture.

With the inside out boy, 8 deck skateboard piece I sought to make the invisible-visible. The hidden parts that control the human body externalised and vice versa depending on the deck being looked at.

10 February - 23 February 2017.