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Exhibition runs from 6pm 18th September – 3pm 1st of October 2015.

Melanie creates perfectly scaled down dioramas and actutely detailed renditions of scenes based on everyday Australian suburban life. At first glance her models look like ordinary scenes, but on closer inspection it becomes clear that they are full of obscure and unnerving details. Her enclosed and sealed miniatures induce a palpable claustrophobia as her worlds underline an idyllic vision of suburban life, while at the same time convey imagery of both fantasy and horror. The confinement of space and subsequent sense of helplessness that is projected contrast with the complacency conveyed by the figures that exist within these constructed worlds.

Melanie's dioramas allude to the real contemporary fears and paranoia present in the Australian psyche. Melanie's worlds include human figures functioning in isolated realms, where time and space are suspended. Standing on the outside looking in, the viewer's own personal fears and anxieties of the idea of 'the home' in contemporary society are bought to the fore.

To be fully appreciated for the complexity of their details, Melanie's scenes have to be discovered by getting very close, thus activating an intimate relationship between the work and it's viewers. Only then can the narratives be revealed and the dark allusions understood. Along with themes of the home, which is treated both as a sanctuary and a hub for traumatic memories, Melanie also toys with notions of time and context. Melanie shows us how small and precarious each of our lives really is, however charming the package may be.