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Exhibition runs from 6pm 2nd October – 3pm 15th October 2015.

Identity is fundamental to our participation in the digital age. From user IDs and passwords to FaceBook and LinkedIn to Twitter and Instagram, our digital footprint is emerging as a networked representation of us, the analogue being. Representations by definition are symbolic. Digital media representations are no exception to this, however the degree of connectedness and exchange of “identities” and the ease with which they can be faked, warped, stolen and exposed makes the digital space a new, exciting and dangerous space for our identity to reside.

These symbolic representations of self are the focus of my current practice. This exhibition explores the representation and symbolism of digital identities using three allegorical vehicles: the facade, the face and an abstract notion of connection.

Like digital identities, and the tools that create them, these sculptural works are constructed from every-day materials. Faces and facades reflect the physical nature of identity while the use of glue, a critical material in these works, makes tangible the key requirement of identity - an association, an other. Identity isolates the one from many, in this sense our identity is a statement of difference.

These works explore our “great expectation” of the transformative nature of a digital identity - man as information, man as an abstracted networked flow of perception. Our current abstractions are bound by vision, sound and text - there is no touch or smell on the internet.

Man as Information is a mixture of fact and fantasy, the story we tell ourselves and others. Ultimately, it is how we say - this is how I differentiate me from you.