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Exhibition runs from 6pm 24 July – 3pm 6 August 2015.

Nicole Black - Transient

My background is in fine arts and I have more recently completed a diploma of Graphic Design. This combination of studies has led me to experiment with how I make up my imagery; I am interested in the juxtaposition between loose, gestural paint strokes and finer details. My subject matter is usually female portraiture however I am constantly looking to see how I can combine the different elements and methods I use in new ways. I am fascinated with the use of colour across a variety of mediums. This is reflected in my art practice; in my exploration of both realist and abstract forms. I tend to intuitively select mediums depending on the ideas I’m wishing to communicate and have recently explored further with the effect of collage- furthering my interest in contrast between detailed and more abstract work. In this body of work I have been interested in the exploration and passing nature of beauty- that like the ebb and flow of the seasons, is fleeting. During the research stage for this collection of work I was particularly interested in the life cycle of the butterfly and the idea of transformation and metamorphosis. The butterfly is also a symbol for the psyche and represents the mind’s eye so I was interested in drawing connections between the various connotations of such an emblem. The work varies from purely abstract to directly representative as further consideration of the idea of time passing.