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Exhibition runs from 26pm June – 3pm 9 July 2015.


I left Hobart in 2012 and lived in Montreal before returning to Hobart in 2014. Destination is an installation featuring silhouetted shapes of the airports I passed through between my two home cities.
Airports are significant in our travels - the runway is the first, and last, place we touch the ground when we are flying. They are ‘in-between’ spaces: we move through, but don’t inhabit them, physically or psychologically. In Destination, the white acrylic silhouettes almost disappear against the white wall, easily overlooked, but they cause a distinctive shadow, signifying the world beyond them. The airport is our initial destination, but our thoughts always lie beyond it, into a projected, imagined and anticipated future experience.


Since moving overseas and back I often feel adrift, unanchored, ungrounded. I don’t feel quite like I belong to either Hobart or to Montreal anymore – I exist somehow between each, but not grounded in either place.
The photographs that make up Interstice were created as I reconnected with familiar locations and reconsidered my relationship to them. Using a medium format rangefinder camera, I employed double exposures of these locations on the same frame. These spaces then exist in one location, overlaying one another on a single piece of film, from the moment the images are taken. The double exposures immediately laminate to create a third space, which is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, and indicative of my mental state.
I ask the viewer to be complicit in their experience of these works, to become comfortable with the suspension of certainty and reality that they offer. Tension exists between all three spaces in the image; they do not collapse into one another, but the eye’s focus slips between them, merging, separating and rethinking them.