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23 May - 5 June 2014

The Celtic Cross is one of the most recognised symbols in the world.
Some years ago, at the bequest of my nieces, I endeavoured to trace our family history on the male side. Having believed we were of Scottish heritage, I soon discovered that we were in fact from Irish stock. The more I researched the more the ‘tentacles’ stretched in to the ‘Celtic’ dynasty.History, as we know it, began with the Celts, warrior tribes that invaded Western Europe between the 5th century BC and the beginning of the Roman conquests. Associated with Celtic Christianity, the Celtic Cross is in fact much older. The cross was the foundation of the very roots of ancient civilization, wisdom & understanding.
This lead me to try and understand “what is the symbolisim of the Celtic Cross”? The answer is definitely not straightforward. The history of the cross is ambiguous. There are many interpretations & legends surrounding it. In our modern world the ringed cross is as much a symbol of heritage as it is of faith.
This exhibition focuses on ‘heritage’ and the symbols of life from the Celts to modern day cultures – ‘Celtic Journeys’