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Exhibition from 23 January - 5 February 2015

Taiwan: Hsi-Chun Huang and Bee-Dwo Lin.
Columbia: Robertson Buitrago and Vera Palacios

This exhibition describes the life and issues which happen in our traveling. We use different views to describe it.
Hsi-Chun Huang likes to observe the environment he stays in, he is sensitive to people and he captures the snapshot of people’s intersection and life.
Bee-Dwo Lin depicts people whom she met and trying to remember them by painting their faces.
Vera Palacio's artwork is based on engraving of Theodore-de-Bry, Spanish Conquistadors Feeding the Sodomites to the Dogs, 1590 and is a commentary about the migration and the process of cultural and economic cannibalism.
Robertson Buitrago paintings is a reflection about lost and future dreams of Colombian migrants, about culture shock and cultural stereotypes, making an analogy between culture, trash and cleaning, work that most Colombian migrants performed.