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Opening Event, 22 August 6pm - 9pm

Exhibition runs from 6pm, 22 August - 3pm, 4 September 2014

Five years ago Robina joined the Motherhood ranks and found it illuminating. Having a baby and being an artist do not necessarily go hand in hand and negotiating these challenges while attempting to retain an individual identity is a constant struggle.
Robina has explored the theme of motherhood by contrasting two distinct styles. The first draws from the Renaissance (or ‘Rebirth’) period where capturing “still life” was cause for reflection on the fragility of existence and the pointlessness of vanity. Robina’s approach to verite is both sombre and ‘tongue in cheek’, amongst the soft toys and fantasy items of childhood, her work shows that the ‘reality’ of motherhood for a new mother can be experienced as a merry-go-round – a never-ending and exhausting job, devoid of the vanities of a previous identity, and one where searching is for immediate comfort in everyday objects (containing alcohol), without time for a broader search for identity.

Robina’s use of an abstract second style in this exhibition signifies the softer and dynamic aspect of motherhood - the need to hold and embrace friendships and support systems where strong emotions and empathy need to be at the forefront. Here, strength and change (depicted with the vivid flow of flame trees) couples with nurturing items of connection (teacups and teapots).

A raggedy and much loved ‘Moo Moo’ blanket features largely in this exhibition showing the transition as babyhood moves to young boyhood. It also turns out that ‘Moo Moo’ was indeed a giraffe and not a cow –this took two sleep-deprived parents over a year to work out...

Robina holds a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, a Master in Art Therapy and a Diploma of Education in Teaching. When she is not painting, she is in constant negotiation talks with her 5 year old ginger ninja.