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6 June - 19 June 2014

Through researching the subject of private space and the panoptic gaze I have attempted to explore the uniqueness of individuals through surveillance and a voyeuristic approach to creating art. In many ways I have become the random and opportunist photographer, out there trying to capture the inner workings of life. In my ever evolving art practice I have collected images in a guilt free voyeurism and surveillance manner. It is a personal approach to describe a very impersonal digital assault. The body of work is based on the mandatory attack of personal space due to the panoptic gaze, which in turn is programing society and generating a constant performance. I have discovered that to live on this planet I need to be accepting of the powerful eye. It is forever watching over me. It is continually recording my every movement and incessantly collecting the smudges that my body creates on its digital recording devices. I am a mere object that distorts light. It is essential to embrace the loss of privacy so society’s panoptic system can protect me, exploit me and even control me as I go about my life. I have to surrender and invite you all in.