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2C. Jung This exhibition invites us to consider the art of self-portraiture and its various approaches, ranging from the age old process of creating a highly representational image of oneself using traditional art making techniques, to the more abstract methods of self portrayal used in contemporary practices.

We are inspired by the notion that self portraiture has been recognised as a form of expression since man first beheld his own reflection. In recent times, the process of capturing one's own image has become common practice due to the accessibility of digital image making technology. We question, what degree of intent and consideration is required in order for a digital self portrait to be considered a work of art?


Johanna Wilbraham
Mark Payne
Kym Stubbs
Kathy Lloyd
Shelley Hall
Conrad Pickersgill
Katy Cannon
Chuck Mayfield
Todd Simpson
Travis D. Hendrix
Archie Barry
Nicole Serjeant
Sam Pea
Stella Nguyen
Jane Stradwick
Pimpisa Tinpalit
George Ironside aka GEO 
Eliza Hogg
Donna McDonald
Shannon Donovan
Baaqiy Ghazali
Eamonn Jackson
Frank Bonnici
Nanzy Warali
Chantelle Petith
Kaya Clarkson

July 8 - July 21 2016