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At first glance it would seem great diversity exists among the artists in this group show. However Toni Turner, Ian Smith, Sarah Martin, Heather Telford, Marie Taylor, Victor Nanut and Erica Bettles hold in common a deep connection and response to the world both in and around them.

This response is present in all of these art works, whether the urban or natural environment, the intimacies of the inner life, or the body.

Toni Turner’s Sunyata series is a meditation on the inner life and its existential questions. Sunyayta is the Buddhist concept of emptiness, “being neither existent nor non-existent.” 1.

The Sunyata series initially appears as a sharp contrast to the urban environments painted by Ian Smith and Heather Telford. Yet the cityscapes of Heather Telford hold a tremulous blurring, an ethereal quality which could also speak to the concept of sunyata. Empty streets, time paused, neither existent nor non-existent.

Ian Smith’s casual and in some ways gritty depictions also speak to this. The bike left propped at Westgarth Station, abandoned permanently, or temporarily? Ian knows and observes his locality intimately, recording it over and over through photography and now painting.

Victor Nanut’s focus is snow in the landscape. An avid skier and also photographer, Victor captures the changing nature of the winter landscape. Snow transforms into water – existent and non-existent.

Sarah Martin and Erica Bettles take our focus back to the inner life. Erica Bettles’ sinuously painted and emotionally laden images encompass “turmoil represented through landscape visions”. 2.

Sarah Martin’s paintings describe the delightful concept of “life seen through a coloured lens”. 3 These layered works, gorgeous rich prisms of colour, seem to flicker as possible multi-lenses - or multi-perspectives - returning us to the thread of existence, and it’s opposite.

Marie Taylor also creates a celebration of colour in her vibrant paintings. Her multi layered dashes of paint, reminiscent of flocks of birds swirling and swooping, creating joy and movement.

24 February - 9 March 2017.