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A feminist group exhibition curated by Elise Arumets and Miriam Arbus.
Presented by The Push.

Solidarity can manifest through social media, a physical meeting, a mutual feeling without words or in this case, thematically akin art. Solidarity can manifest and travel thousands of kilometers or it can be felt standing next to someone in a room.

It provides us with a sense of purpose and strength. Women encompass both of these qualities; we are all a part of something great, whether we know it or not. Collective action and mass social movements are paramount to contemporary feminism, but I feel as though there is not enough support amongst women – we tend to work as individuals, cultivating ourselves and our views of self and identity. We should support one and others needs and work toward collaborative goals to achieve a unified sense of success, which will contribute to individual success.

This show aims to provide a catalyst for transcultural feminist solidarity, bringing together a group of female artists whose work will create conversation, speak for those who cannot, and celebrate women. Our intention is to foster a creative and intellectual network that will progress outside of the gallery walls.