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Exhibition runs from 6pm 24 July – 3pm 6 August 2015.

Sorcha Mackenzie - Through Haze

I have always been fascinated with fantastical worlds. Since I can remember, I have devoured fantastical novels, films, videogames, manga, anime and comics. Through my artwork, I now aspire to create my own. Primarily using the mediums of ink drawing, intaglio printmaking and painting I attempt to figuratively weave detailed, twisting Labyrinthine worlds in which a viewer will become immersed themselves. These worlds are composed of imagery I have invented or collected in my travels. The works will often feature large futuristic buildings, multiple moons, upside down cities, a central figure, misty forests and strange creatures. I often use black and white, or occasionally deep shades of blue to convey these scenes. I found the high contrast very effective in immersing the viewer, as it effectively conveyed all of the tiny details in the scenes.
Much of my work is inspired by my photography. I often use smaller ink drawings as a way to displace fragments of my photographic imagery into empty landscapes before I assemble them into larger works. My works will often be entirely created through the coalescence of these numerous fragments. These mysterious worlds often function as cabinets of curiosity; they are a visual culmination of my own experiences unified in one landscape. Some my works merge together only two or three pieces of imagery to create curious scenes; a figure will be displaced in its surroundings, or immersed in a beguiling landscape. In these works, dimensions seem to ooze over into one another, becoming something outlandish yet familiar. Whilst I employ a variety of mediums, my methodology is consistent in my work. I attempt to immerse the viewer in a highly detailed landscape. Due to the large amount of detail, drawings can take me up to a week to complete whilst etchings can take up to four weeks. This process is incredibly meditative for me. Whilst I organize what imagery I will be merging together, the process of creating work becomes like a stream of consciousness.
I find that ink drawing and intaglio printing are both highly effective at conveying a great level of detail and will continue exploring my ideas through both mediums.