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Archive > Steve Marks and Maddy Anderson, Through the Eye of a Needle

Exhibition runs from 6pm 24 July – 3pm 6 August 2015.

Through the Eye of the Needle, is a portrayal of perspective that we hold as we thread our way through this reality. Steve's work further explores the notion of spimes (our fourth-dimensional selves) and our connection with our past, present and future selves as we wind our way through space and time. Our reference point is our perspective and, like the eye of a needle, is as narrow as our senses and the meaning we make of that information. The cotton rag artworks represent a glitched imperfect framework in which we our transient selves are wrapped, experiencing each moment from a solitary point. The necklaces on the other hand, are representations of the temporary form that we hold as three-dimensional figures moving through a multi-dimensional space. In this body of work, by means of integrating unusual mediums and sculpture in a convergence of multiple scatter installations, Maddy has created a work where the experience is at the digression of the viewer’s interaction. These micro establishments universally have the effect of animating an intuitive element of curiosity and play. Inspired by philosophical and psychological predispositions. Intrinsically harmonised by an implementation of the strangely familiar, and the familiarly strange. These works aim to abolish any preconcieved experiences while encompassing the passive nature of Espionage, encouraging spectators to intervene, indirectly becoming absorbed by these tendencies in a space that alludes to feelings of comfort, clarity and creativity. A tactile, tangible world that cannot only be seen, but also touched.