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Exhibition runs from 6pm 24 July – 3pm 6 August 2015.

I have been concerned with the rifts that seem to be growing between people of all cultural groups in modern western society. On a macro level it seems to me that western society ‘works’ and appears cohesive on the surface. I find this interesting because if you really look there are divisions. Something that concerns me is intolerance towards different cultural groups. I have represented them in my works with the use of red and blue patterned paper. On a micro level, through my work as a Careers Counsellor at a public secondary school I have noticed that there are many ‘rifts’ within each of us. We often don’t know ourselves very well and this lack of knowledge can lead to poor life choices and isolation. As a parent of young children, I have also noticed that varying rates of physical and emotional development can sometimes lead to isolation and exclusion. My paintings don’t aim to solve these issues but depict the ‘separateness’ of people experiencing rifts. At first glance my works may not seem more than a group of colours, but a second look will reveal images and figures, some connected, some isolated. It is my intention to raise awareness of how these individuals may feel and therefore increase our empathy for others. It is my hope that paying closer attention to the people around us, and closer attention to ourselves, we can begin to heal some of the rifts in society.