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Exhibition runs from 16th October to 3pm, 29 Oct 2015.

When sitting down to watch something on the computer I get this feeling of not actually taking in any information. I can remember certain sounds, a scene but it is swamped by the large amount of content available.

A couple of seconds lead to hours of viewing, binge watching multiple shows. I compress these hours of viewing into one image. I see the image, draw it and the line transitions into the next drawing, the next phase, the next download. RBG reality. My way of having a paper record of video that next day could be easily erase from the internet with no trace. I use red, green and blue, the colours of use when displaying images in electronic systems, the use of pencil gives tangible quality to the work, I try to make sense of the lines back in to the original video images by separating each drawing by blocking in different colours.

Tegan New is an Australian artist born in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 who last year a bachelor of Design Arts at the Academy of Design in Melbourne. She works with the traditional mediums of painting, drawing, printmaking to document the narrative and affective experience of new technologies.